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Tucker and Paityn {Fall 2019}

My reasons.

These two are the reasons why:

I sleep less each night.

I am a hot mess every morning trying to get myself and them ready and out the door by 6:30 am.

I have spent the last three years changing So. Many. Diapers.

I spend my evenings playing Paw Patrol and cars.

I make more meals of "chicken dunks" or Mac & Cheese than I should.

I sing Kid Songs (or listen to Tucker singing them) on the daily.

Target and Old Navy get even MORE of my business.

Yep - these two are the reasons why:

I give more hugs and kisses than I ever have before.

I worry about their health and safety and do everything I can to protect them.

I continue to grow and learn more than I ever have before.

I am so absolutely, incredibly grateful.

My heart absolutely bursts.

I'm so blessed to be Tucker and Paityn's mom and have never experienced anything greater. We went to my parents' house the other weekend to capture some photos at the farm. Everything about these photos make my heart sing.

My cousin Allie made me the most precious gift of Paityn's dress, made from my grandpa's old shirt. My grandpa and stepdad farmed together until he passed away. My grandpa was a man with a quiet, humble, and strong soul. He worked so hard, had a heart of gold, and always showed up with that undeniable twinkle in his eye.

When my mom, brother, and I moved in with my stepdad when I was in kindergarten, little did I know that I'd be in for the greatest adventure and most amazing experiences of my life. From helping out on the farm in the summer to making up or playing the most ridiculous games with my stepbrothers and brother on the weekends, we had the best time. These photos of Tucker and Paityn at the barn where I spent countless hours playing (and working of course ;) ) makes my heart so full. Here's Tucker (3 1/2) and Paityn (1 1/2) out at the farm!

"How do you spell love?" - Piglet

"You don't spell it, you feel it." - Pooh


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