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Ryleigh and Cody {Engaged!}

I met Ryleigh and Cody last Sunday out at Cody's land for an evening engagement session. From the moment I parked my vehicle and got out to look around and see the row boat, pond, creek, tall grass, and gravel road...I was SO excited! Ryleigh and Cody were ready to jump right in (literally ;) ), and we had so much fun!

What a sweet couple; these two are just adorable together! I loved hearing Cody share with me how he proposed, and Ryleigh's answer was - "Did you ask my dad?!" :) The sweetest.

It is clear Ryleigh and Cody have a lot of common interests. The way they talked about their adventures together and their hopes and dreams, both with that sparkle in their eyes, was so amazing for me to witness. I can already tell they are getting ready for the greatest adventure of their lives!

Speaking of an adventure, our evening was an adventure in and of itself! When I asked, "Do you mind getting in the boat?" they were both completely on board! When I said "Now do you mind paddling to the middle of the pond?" they didn't hesitate one second!! We had so much fun, we decided we needed to end the night IN the water! :)

I cannot wait to spend their wedding day with them next fall! Ryleigh and Cody - thanks for going on an adventure with me - I hope you enjoy these photos!

"Fall in love with someone who is both your safe place and your biggest adventure." - Bianca Sparacino


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