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Paityn 9 Months & Haluska Holiday Photos {Personal!}

Paityn is 9 months old (on December 30)! She seems to turn another month older every time that I blink! SLOW DOWN TIME!! (Yes, I say this on repeat). :) Paityn continues to grow and have so many firsts. It is so fun to watch her try new things and continue to interact with us more and more! She loves to be on the go; crawling and pulling herself up on everything! Paityn loves to babble and even says "momma" and "dada" at times. It melts my heart into a giant puddle. Just this past week, we started "big people" food with her! She loves being a big girl, doing things on her own and being independent! I don't know where she gets that from! ;)

She still adores her big brother Tucker! When they are playing together and being silly, hearing them giggle together is the sweetest sound in the whole wide world. We are just coming off of the holiday season. Paityn celebrated her first Christmas! There was so much joy coming down the stairs Christmas morning this year. I think my heart grew three times that day! ;) For Paityn's 9 month blog post, I couldn't help but also share a few holiday photos from our family this year! Here's to a new year and many more amazing moments to come!

Christmas cookie decorating, Singing Christmas songs on repeat, Skittles the Elf, Letters to Santa, and more! We had lots of fun this Christmas season!

Happy 9 months Paityn! We are so grateful for our little family!!

Our family will see you again on the blog when Paityn turns 1!!!

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