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The S Family {Fall Family Mini Sessions 1}

I was so thankful to be able to see Shanna, Jeff, Lillie, and Mollie during my fall mini sessions last Saturday!! Where do I even begin with this family!? They are one of the most genuine, caring, thoughtful, positive, and kind-hearted families I have ever met.

When Tucker was a few month shy of 1, Jason and I were unexpectedly in immediate need of daycare. I was a wreck. It was mid-school year and we had essentially less than one week to figure out a plan. I posted on Facebook, called friends, and sent out an email at work. I began calling all of the numbers and daycare centers I could find. Most were full and had waiting lists up to a year. As you can imagine, we were just sick to our stomachs with what we were going to do, but we knew finding quality care for Tucker was our top priority. The next day at work, Jeff talked to me and said "You should give my wife, Shanna, a call." I called Shanna and we set up a time that Saturday to bring Tucker over and chat about her in-home daycare. We were there for maybe an hour, and I remember vividly watching how Shanna instantly was so loving, caring, and encouraging of Tucker (as he was trying to pull himself up on any item he could find!). Shanna hadn't been planning on taking any additional children for that school year, and when we said "We are in need of someone this Monday!" it was seriously an answered prayer when she said she would help us out. I have tears in my eyes as I type this as I seriously cannot say enough about how this family has been there for ours over and over again. Shanna, like me, loves to plan and be organized. So the fact that she and her family decided to take Tucker in (completely unplanned and so incredibly last minute) is nothing short of a miracle. I remember walking to my car and bringing back in diapers and formula, feeling such a sense of calm and peace. Jeff, of course, had some sort of smart joke for me as I moved in Tucker's items to their house!

Their entire family loves Tucker and Paityn like they are their own, and it provides me the most comfort as I drop them off every morning. Mollie and Tucker are the best of buds; however, I think now Paityn may be giving Tucker a run for his money :)

I love seeing how their family interacts and has the best, most fun and supporting relationship with one another. It makes me smile hearing about Lillie and Mollie's accomplishments and the positive, amazing things this family continues to do for others. I can only hope that Jason and I parent Tucker and Paityn that way.

I could go on and on but I will stop and just say thank you Shanna, Jeff, Lillie, and Mollie!! I hope you enjoy these photos and have them to keep as memories for years to come!

"It's not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters."

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