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Paityn 3 months {Personal!}

As of June 30, Paityn is now 3 months old! Slow down time!! She is just the sweetest, content, and most lovable little girl (although I'm obviously biased)!

Paityn is starting to "talk" a lot more and be so interactive. It's so fun to see her develop and change. As of 3 months and 1 week, she decided to roll over! Since then, as soon as we put her down on her back, we will turn away for a second and she's popped over to her belly!

When I take Tucker and her out and about (most likely Target), Paityn loves being carried in the wrap; it puts her right to sleep! I cannot say enough about having a wrap for her...it leaves me free to chase Tucker around or get groceries. It's so convenient!

A few of her favorite things: Paityn loves to take cat naps during the day. If I hold her, she'll take a longer nap :) When she's held, she loves looking out and seeing everything around her! She also love to "fly" and be rocked. She still just loves her nuk! However, she's not big enough to get it back if it falls out so that's where I'm on duty to "pop the nuk back in!"

As for her older brother, Tucker is really warming up to life as a big bro. It's so incredible to watch him help take care of her. He always makes sure she has her nuk, stuffed animals, and blanket. Recently he's been wanting to hold her too! I just need to make sure I'm close otherwise he'll try to grab her right away ;) When we're all playing, he will randomly come up to her and plant a kiss on her head. Nothing is sweeter than seeing that!

At night, Paityn's still sleeping in the Rock and Play by our bed (which, by the way, Jason and I got a new bedset, and our bed is now super tall - it's really quite hilarious as I try to reach down to help her at night [shaking my head]). She's usually up twice to eat - between 1 and 2 and then again around 5.

I just love interacting with my little girl and seeing her big smile and eyes light up. It's the sweetest ever. Paityn - we can't wait to continue watching you grow. You are such a blessing to our family!!

"Although I am little, I have big dreams."

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