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Growing Up Country {Blog Series} Part 2: Only in the Cow Pond

We all have a story. None of them are perfect. However, it’s truly the imperfection that makes all of our stories so beautiful.

Creating and cherishing memories is absolutely so special. Reliving memories from my childhood, especially the craziest ones, brings me the greatest joy. The innocence and adventure of childhood is unlike any other. As I laugh, smile, and shake my head at the memories I have growing up in the country, on a farm, with three older brothers, it reminds me to always try to live in the moment, smile, and love the life you’ve been given. It makes my heart happy to know my kids will grow up together and build their own wonderful, exciting memories in the country as well.

When I was in kindergarten, my mom, brother, and I moved in with my stepdad, who lived on a farm and had two boys of his own. Little did I know, I’d be in for the biggest adventure of my life...and looking back, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Here’s Part 2 in my series “Growing up Country.” If you missed Part 1: The Epic Apple War, please check it out here!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite, crazy stories from growing up as a country girl.

Growing Up Country

Part 2: Only In the Cow Pond [The Bike Adventure]

When there’s a cow pond and kids involved, you can bet there’s more than one good story that goes along with this. Here’s just one of our many adventures!

It was a hot summer day. I woke up and was ready to tag along with my three older brothers. Being the youngest, and only girl, let’s be honest - I never decided what we would do, I just went along with it.

Regardless of the outcome.

My brothers and I hung out in the morning and played around the house. Soon we were bored of the usual baseball or kickball outside. “Hey, let’s go up to the woods!” my oldest stepbrother, Brad, suggested.

About a mile back and down our country road was our family’s woods. From maple syrup making and cutting wood to heat our house to hunting, snowmobile trails, and the cows’ pasture, our woods served many purposes! Most importantly, to us it served as another adventure.

The four of us decided to head to the woods. Typically we jumped on the four wheeler and rode up there by going through the cows’ pasture together. However, today we ran to the shed and grabbed four old mountain bikes. “Let’s bike to the pond!” There was a small pond in the cow pasture right before the start of our woods. As 90’s kids do, we were off to a strong start down our gravel road with athletic shorts, most likely one of us rocking a hypercolor t-shirt and another one of us wearing sandals, and no helmets (which, obviously, I don’t recommend!). We made it the ¾ mile to where we turned into the field. Just four siblings biking fast, with no hands, and soaking in the summer air!

As we started down the field road, we quickly realized we couldn’t keep up the same pace. When you make a road out of the middle of a field for tractors to go down, it’s usually full of dirt/mud and large rocks. Around and over and stuck we continued on...determined to make it on our bikes down to the woods’ edge...to the cow pond.

Finally, after dodging rock after rock and spinning out in the mud, we made it! We opened the electric fence for us to bike into the cow pasture and up to the pond. We were there! We looked around with a sense of victory.

Well, that victorious moment was short-lived. Now what? Again, leave it to the oldest to come up with the ‘best’ ideas! “Let’s jump in the cow pond!” “Ewww!” I answered. “No way!” As you can imagine, the cows leave behind ‘cow pies’ in the pasture and in the pond. Our cow pond was the exact opposite of a clean, swimming pool. My two other brothers agreed with me. So that was that, majority wins right? Ha…

Thirty seconds later Brad comes over to grab me. “You’re going in Amber!”

“No!” I squealed as I was still sitting on my bike. I held onto the handlebars for dear life, in my hypercolor t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers (oh, and don't forget my awesome permed hair pulled back in a scrunchie).

Lesson learned. When you’re the youngest, sometimes (ok, most of the time) your greatest defenses will be completely useless. Brad immediately picked me up, bike and all, and carried us both to the edge of the pond. I screamed and kicked, refusing to let go of my bike, and pleaded for Brad not to throw me in.


There I was, like in a movie scene watched in slow-motion, tossed high into the air, mountain bike and all, as I landed straight in the cow pond. Wow, it was cold...and NOT clean!

Within minutes, after my brothers stopped laughing at me, and I recovered from my initial shock, I convinced them it was actually refreshing on this hot summer day. For whatever reason they were sold. They decided to join me, bikes and all.

If you haven’t learned already, my brothers and I didn’t do anything ‘normal.’ We were always coming up with crazy ideas or twists to make things more fun. So, we didn’t just swim or splash around in the cow pond. No - for the next few hours, we came up with the grand idea and variations of portaging our bikes across the pond.

The four of us ran in the water (and swam when it got too deep) as fast as we could, all the while carrying our bikes above our heads, from one end to the other. If the race was close, there were no rules - splashing and dunking one another were all acceptable! We tried running forwards and running backwards and even split into teams at one point. We tried pedaling underwater...yes - we tried it all! Finally, after hours of racing in the cow pond, we carried our bikes out of the water. We climbed on our bikes, dripping wet with soaking sneakers, and decided it was time to dodge the rocks and mud in the field again.

There we were, four siblings, biking back down the gravel road after our great bike adventure...only in the cow pond!

I can’t wait to share with you the next blog post in the series, “Part 3: Night Games” from Growing Up Country!

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