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Nolan is One! {The R Family}

What a fun summer morning at the park! We weren't going to let a little cooler weather stop us. Nolan was ready to play! Thankfully the rain held off until the afternoon and we had nice cloudy skies. It was perfect!

Nolan's mom, Kasey, rocked it and thought of everything to bring, from bubbles to his favorite toys! This made it more fun for him, and they will now have these memories of some of his favorite things (because, seriously, what could be more fun for a little boy than a shovel?! Let the creativity and adventures begin!). At the end, Nolan even got to play on the slide!

Cherokee Park is the cutest, with the shelter, playground, woods, and river. Others thought so too, as they gathered for a family get together and some children were fishing.

We ventured down by the river to get some beautiful photos. You can tell the love that these parents have for their little boy who is turning one; it's the sweetest thing! Nolan smiled so big for mom and dad!

As I was taking these photos, I was thinking to myself how quickly our little ones grow. This is one! Only one year after being born! It's absolutely amazing the growth and learning that babies do in their first few months and years. I'm so thankful I was able to capture these photos for Nolan and his family so they can always look back and remember Nolan as the sweetest little one year old that he is!

Nolan, I hope you have the very best first birthday!!

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