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Growing Up Country {Blog Series} Part 1: The Epic Apple War

We all have a story. None of them are perfect. However, it’s truly the imperfection that makes all of our stories so beautiful.

I’ve been thinking of different blog ideas, and as of yesterday, I was set to write a different story. Today, I woke up knowing what I wanted to write my first blog series on. How did I know? Because, to me, family is so important. Creating and cherishing memories is absolutely so special. Reliving memories from my childhood, especially the craziest ones, brings me the greatest joy. The innocence and adventure of childhood is unlike any other. As I laugh, smile, and shake my head at the memories I have growing up in the country, on a farm, with three older brothers, it reminds me to always try to live in the moment, smile, and love the life you’ve been given. It makes my heart happy to know my kids will grow up together and build their own wonderful, exciting memories in the country as well.

When I was in kindergarten, my mom, brother, and I moved in with my stepdad, who lived on a farm and had two boys of his own. Little did I know, I’d be in for the biggest adventure of my life...and looking back, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I’m excited to share my first blog post from my series “Growing up Country.” I hope you enjoy some of my favorite, fun stories from growing up as a country girl.

Growing Up Country Part 1: The Epic Apple War

It was a beautiful fall Saturday. As usual, we decided to play outside. Whenever we played a game, we divided into teams: 2 against 2. It worked perfectly because we fell right into a row, I was the youngest, my stepbrother David was 1 year older, my brother Brad was 2 years older, and my oldest stepbrother Brad (yes - two Brads!!) was 3 years older. So, it made sense that I (the youngest and only girl) was paired with my oldest stepbrother Brad while my brother and David were on the other team. We usually played baseball until Brad hit too many home runs out into the hayfield and, after an unsuccessful search, we lost all of the baseballs for that day.

However, today for some reason was different. Brad, the oldest, came up with a “brilliant” idea after seeing all of the apples on our one and only apple tree. “Let’s have an apple fight! The two oldest against the two youngest!” Naturally, the three of us agreed with him.

David and I went to the opposite side of our yard. We were ready! Before David and I could even say one word to each other, David quickly jumped out of the way. An apple flew past him. “Woah!” I looked over at the Brads, and they were already loaded with apples. “Hey! We didn’t say to start yet!” David and I yelled. More apples came zooming past us, inching past our legs, faster than a major league baseball pitch.

We quickly went into defense. I suppose that was our only option when apples were being chucked at us by the second, and the ONLY apple tree was on the Brads’ side of the yard. I guess we didn’t think that one through! David, always the MacgYver in the family, started to take the lead. He directed me to keep running and dodging the apples. Those apples were flying hard, fast, and from every direction!

As my older brothers weren’t holding back, we realized we needed extra coverage to protect us. Luckily, there was a shed nearby. David and I dashed towards it. “Find whatever we can to use as a shield!” David yelled to me before he made a quick duck, as apples came flying into the shed at us. We quickly grabbed some buckets and crates. As we ran back out holding our “shields”, our defense only made the Brads pick up their speed and momentum. We were under an intense apple attack! “Splat!” two apples hit the bucket. I swiftly moved the bucket lower to deflect another apple before it hit my leg. At this point, we kept yelling to the Brads to take it easy on us and that it wasn’t fair they had all the apples. Do you think that stopped two older, competitive brothers? No - the great apple war continued on! “Ouch!” I yelled. “We need more coverage!” We quickly devised a plan. We sprinted across our country yard and up towards another shed that was closer to the house. We grabbed the essential gear and came back down ready for the defense!

David and I stood across from the Brads, each complete in life jackets and helmets, ready for battle. We went out to the front lines and thought “this is our moment.” David ran to pick up one apple from the ground, thinking this was our time. We could make our first attack. However, as he bent down to get the apple, apples started flying off the back of his life jacket left and right. Back to the shed we sprinted! The life jackets and helmets were not covering our arms and legs; we needed full body protection! We needed to step up our game. Out from the shed this second time, we carried down two sawhorses (while still dodging apples thrown faster than the speed of light!). We set those up and went back in to grab a ridiculously heavy, old mattress. We used all of our strength to drag that out and set it up on the sawhorses. As I was setting up my side, an apple hit my helmet so hard it almost knocked me over. “Get behind the mattress!” David yelled. We both huddled in. From the inside, we could hear apples hitting the mattress over and over again like thunder booming in the night sky.

Yes - we did it! We were finally safe. Just two siblings decked out in life jackets and helmets, hiding behind a mattress-built fort as their two older siblings continued to try to knock it down with apples. After a while, the Brads realized our fort was too sturdy to knock over. They then decided to sneak around back and attack us from behind! After our fort started collecting apples (and the Brads crossed over to our side!), we called it. The epic apple war was over! David and I came out from hiding and the four of us walked back into the house, taking off our gear, reliving each moment. “We didn’t even get to throw a single apple! It wasn’t fair you guys had the apple tree on your side! You can throw so much harder than us!” Followed by the rebuttal, “We didn’t say you could use objects or build anything! You could’ve used the apples we threw at you! It’s not our fault!”

As we went back into the house, we found our parents, watching us from the window. “Did you see what happened? Did you see how hard they were throwing? We needed to use a lot of supplies from the shed!” David and I excitedly shared. My parents smiled and just shook their heads at their kids’ creativity (and craziness).

And to this day, that is how we recall the Epic Apple War.

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my first blog series, Growing Up Country! I can't wait to share with you the next blog post, “Part 2: Only In the Cow Pond”!

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